Our Winter Favorites

Jane Iredale: LipDrink $24 

Not only does this lip balm hydrate your lips, but it protects against premature aging caused by the sun. The sun’s UVA rays can make lips thinner and less plump, but the SPF in this formula helps to combat those effects. This balm comes in a variety of colors from clear to dark plum and always has a fresh lemon scent.  

I love my muff: Soft $18 

Whether you’re waxing, shaving or neither, this lotion helps to PH balance your intimate areas and leaves behind a botanical scent, so you feel fresh all day. If you are shaving or waxing, this product helps to sooth irritated skin, reduce inflammation and combat ingrown hairs.  

Advanced Nutrition Programme: Skin Accumax $160 

This award-winning supplement is great for all skin types, but especially those with an uneven complexion. Used primarily to treat acne and blemishes, this supplement evens out the texture and tone of your skin across your whole body. For this reason, it is also a great option for treating back blemishes.  

Intense Moisture Serum $90

This moisturizing serum can be used day or night, in any season, and on any skin type. We love the lightweight texture which looks great even under makeup.