The Truth About Stretch Marks

One of the number one questions we get asked is how to get rid of stretch marks. Unfortunately, the truth is that for most stretch marks there is not yet technology on the market that erases them completely. Occasionally with very new marks we can make them completely disappear, but this is often not the case. Despite this, there are several ways to fade stretch marks or make them less visible. Whether you have stretch marks on your back, legs, stomach, breasts or arms, here are our favorite methods for treating them: 


Stretch marks are largely genetic, so they are not completely preventable. Although you can defiantly keep them to a minimum with a few hacks. Using topical creams or oils helps to maintain the skin’s hydration level, making it more pliant to change. You may also want to consider collagen vitamins and/or omegas if you know you’ll be gaining weight or pregnant soon. Teenagers can benefit a lot from these vitamins and daily moisturizer, as growth spurts cause the majority of stretch marks.  

2. Skin MicroNeedling 

With this method, your aesthetician essentially creates microchannels in the area you have stretch marks, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response and sends collagen to the area. We then apply a specially designed serum, which can be absorbed optimally by the microchannels, further benefiting the skin. This method offers bonuses such as reducing skin discoloration, scarring, and signs of aging, making it a favorite for stretch marks on the upper arms or areas with additional scarring.  

3. Venus Legacy (Radio Frequency + Magnetic Pulse) 

This specialized machine is a favorite for moms, or anyone who want to reduce stretch marks while also tightening the skin. If you struggle with stretch marks on your thighs or bum, you may prefer this method because of its wonderful ability to reduce cellulite!  

4. Sunless Tanning 

If you were hoping for a quick fix for a vacation or special day, sunless tanning is a great option that makes stretch marks look temporarily less visible. Not only is sunless tanning a safer option than traditional tanning, but when you tan in the sun the stretch marks don’t change color, making them even more noticeable! However, sunless tanners are designed to stain the stretch marks, making them blend much more favorably.