Tattoo Removal Options

We offer two methods of Tattoo Removal, which are often combined in a series of treatments for maximum benefits. To know which method is best for you, pricing, and for more information, please make a complimentary consultation appointment with one of our technicians.

Tattoo Removal with Non-Invasive Magnetic Method by Linda Paradis:

The 88Needle Method, invented by Linda Paradis, are a highly innovative needles configuration that is used to extract cosmetic and body tattoos. They are powerful, highly effective, and ground breaking technology within the tattoo removal industry. We provide the safest tattoo removal products available to consumers. These products can be applied on all skin types, with no reported side effects, scarring, or hair loss.

Tattoo Removal with Q Switch Laser:

During the Q Switched treatment, energy is rapidly absorbed by the tattoo ink and causes a mechanical photo-acoustic effect. As a result, the pigment is disintegrated causing the tattoo to fade, without damaging surrounding tissue or the epidermal layer. The body’s natural lymphatic and blood mechanisms then clear the released ink particles.

*Above is a combination of laser and 88Needle Methods. Tattoo was not done by Euro Reflections*