Skincare While Wearing Masks

We at Euro Reflections support our public health advisors in their decision to make masks mandatory. We’re proud to follow expert recommendations at this unsure time, in order to contribute to the safety of our communities. However, since we’re wearing masks so often now, we must also adjust our skincare routine to accommodate this new factor. Here are just a few of our recommendations for your skin health while wearing a mask.  


1.Double Cleanse 

Due to the excess sweat and grime that is now being trapped under your mask, you need to ensure that you double cleanse your face. This can mean using a cleansing oil or micellar water to start, followed by a regular cleanser, or you can just use your regular cleanser twice in a row. If you are opting for using your regular cleanser twice in a row, make sure it is not too stripping to the skin. Ask your aesthetician if you’re not sure what option is best for you.  


2. Don’t wear makeup on the bottom half of your face 

We recommend using this time to save money on cosmetics and just apply makeup on exposed areas around the mask. This will help prevent clogged pores and blemishes that may appear due to excess layers on the skin. 


3. Wear a clean mask every day. 

Changing your mask each day is important to avoid bacteria build up on the masks, which can lessen their effectiveness as well as spread breakout-causing bacteria on your skin. We recommend reusable, cotton masks which can be hand washed or thrown in the washing machine.  


4. Add exfoliation to your regimen 

If you aren’t already, now is a great time to add an exfoliator to your routine. Masks essentially create a micro-climate of humidity around the bottom of your face, causing your dead skin cells to build up and create dullness. Depending on your other skin needs, you may want to consider a physical exfoliant or a chemical one. Ask your aesthetician what’s best for you! 


5. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer 

You may find that your regular moisturizer is too heavy right now, even with the winter looming. The heat that your breath creates under the mask is helping your face hold on to water, as well as the protection that the mask gives you against environmental stress. Using a moisturizer this winter that is hydrating but light, may be more suitable for most people.