Skin Tag & Mole Removal

What are skin tags and what is Skin Tag Removal?

Skin tags, moles and seborrheic keratoses are very common, benign skin growths. They can grow almost anywhere on the body but are common where skin creases such as on the eyelids, neck, armpits. Removing them does not cause more to grow. Our removal method uses Electrocauterization, which is a process in which a specialized instrument is heated electrically and then applied to the skin tag to cauterize the skin growth cells and remove it permanently. The process is conducted by a qualified and trained professional. It is quick and only mildly uncomfortable as a topical anesthetic is used.

If you’d like to see some of the removals we have performed so far, click here!

Treatment starts at $50 (packages are available for removing multiple growths at a time). Full pricing upon consultation, based on the number, size and location of the skin tags. You can also send us an email with a picture of the growths that you would like removed and we will email you back with a price quotation. 

Before Your Skin Tag Removal Treatment:

  • You are asked to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment. Caffeine intake should also be limited to no more than one cup of coffee on the day of the appointment.
  • There cannot be open wounds or sores in the area.
  • The area must be kept out of the sun for at least 7 days before treatment. The area cannot have a sunburn or new tan.
  • Before your initial treatment you will be asked to fill out a consent form and health history form. This will provide you with more information regarding the treatment, aftercare, and counter indications.
  • You should take your regular medications and vitamins, however, please let your technician know before the appointment if you are on blood thinners, have any medical treatments (such as chemo therapy) coming up, or whether you have recently had a medical treatment.