Reconstructive Micro-Pigmentation

What is Reconstructive Micro-Pigmentation?

Reconstructive Micro-Pigmentation involves specialized tattooing to simulate an areola and nipple, which is missing or faded due to scaring, vitiligo, discoloration, mastectomy or other procedures.

What can I expect from the procedure?

This procedure generally takes about two hours and is performed by a trained Permanent Makeup Artist. The area is assessed and a consultation is conducted. In the consultation, you will discuss details such as size, color, shape, and more. If one areola and nipple are still intact, then this may be used as a guide for the simulated one. After the consultation, the area is numbed and mapped out. The tattooing is then conducted.

General instructions for prior to the procedure:

General instructions for after the procedure:

(10-14 days post procedure or until the end of healing):


Euro Reflections offers FREE Reconstructive Micro-Pigmentation to both male and female breast cancer survivors (with or without breast reconstruction). For more information on this please call or email us or click here.

For all other cases, individual prices may vary. For more information or to book a complimentary consultation, please email or call 519 570 2117.