PMU Pricing

What is Permanent Makeup?

PMU or Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic technique that employs micropigmentation (superficial tattooing) to enhance brows, lips or eyes. There are several different styles available from natural enhancements to refined makeup-looking styles



Hybrid (Microblading & Powder Brow)



Hair Stoke Eyebrows (by machine) $450
Dust Eyebrow

Powdered/Ombre Eyebrow (Includes one session)



Men’s Eyebrow Enhancement $450
Baby Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)

Smokey Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)

Classic Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)




Top Eyeliner Only $350-$550
Lower Eyeliner Only $300
Soft Lip Blush $450
Contoured Lips $500
Dark Lip Color Correction $450

Typically each new procedure requires 2 visits, the initial procedure followed by a touch-up session. The cost of any touch-up sessions (including the one right after your initial procedure) is not included in the original price. Within 3 months of initial procedure, any touch-up(s) are $100.

After this time, touch ups are $250 (up to two years after the initial procedure). Touch ups for work not done at Euro Reflections or touch ups on work done over 2 years ago, are priced upon consultation.

10% OFF for two or more areas done at the same time.

A deposit of $100 is required for every PMU booking, this deposit goes towards your service when you arrive and is retained if you cancel or no show with less than 72 hours notice.

Before Your Treatment:

After Your Treatment:

Call us at 519-570-2117 if you have any questions or concerns following your appointment. 

On The Day You Have Your Procedure: 

This is the most important stage of your healing process. This is the time when you have the most lymph production and your care is necessary for proper pigment retention. 

It is mandatory that you wipe the area with room temperature water on a gauze every half hour for the next three hours. Use moderate pressure and a gauze that is not too fluffy or the fibers may stick to the area. 

In The Days After Your Procedure: 

You may expect itching, light scabbing, and some pigment loss or fading at this time. If this is your first session, entire areas may appear to have lost pigment. This is normal and to be expected. That is why two procedures are recommended.  

At this stage you must avoid water as much as possible. You can use a face cloth to clean your face around the area to avoid getting water on it. If you shower, apply a thick layer of Vaseline right before the shower and wipe it off with gauze immediately after the shower. Do not leave the Vaseline on as the area will not breathe and heal properly. Alternatively, you may apply a regular amount of your aftercare product provided and stick a piece of cellophane to the area. Avoid the area with makeup or any creams that were not provided for you by your technician. Avoid swimming, exercise, sweating, and sun. Do these things for 10 days, or 14 if you feel the area is not completely healed.  

Apply aftercare balm as directed by technician.