Tattoo Removal with the 88Needle Method

About the 88Needle Method:

The Cartridges 88, invented by Linda Paradis, are a highly innovative needles configuration that is used to extract cosmetic and body tattoos. They are powerful, highly effective, and ground breaking technology within the tattoo removal industry. We provide the safest tattoo removal products available to consumers. These products can be applied on all skin types, with no reported side effects, scarring, or hair loss.

Why Choose this Method:

  • Less treatments than other methods
  • Non-invasive/Minimal pain
  • Can be preformed on all colors of tattoos
  • Non surgical/No laser
  • Less chance of scarring
  • No Acidic PH
  • No Acid Lactic
  • No Saline solution
  • Minimal redness/inflammation of skin
  • No bleaching
  • Minimal scabbing on the skin
  • No hair loss

How long does a treatment take?

The treatment is performed by Certified Tattoo Remoov technicians. A treatment takes between 30 -45 min to treat a 1.5″ x 1.5″ tattoo area (like Permanent Makeup Eyebrows for example).

The price starts at $250.

How soon will I see the results?

The 88Needle procedure allows you to see change in the area immediately, however, desired results will be visible once the area is healed 3-5 weeks after the final treatment. The number of treatments needs varies based on type and depth of tattoo, area, and quality of pigment.