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EliminInk tattoo removal is a technique that utilizes ink extraction from the skin. It is used to remove tattoos quickly, easily and permanently without the use of expensive and painful lasers.  

Advantages of using EliminInk:

  • Less painful and faster than other treatment methods
  • More effective than laser tattoo removal
  • Requires fewer sessions to obtain desired results
  • Aftercare is simple
  • Effective on all color inks and pigments

How does the procedure work?

The EliminInk tattoo removal system works in the same way as the original tattooing process using the same machine. However, instead of ink, it deposits a special solution formulated to bond with the original tattoo ink in the skin. This solution draws the ink to the skin’s surface. The EliminInk solution also contains a DermRenu scar inhibitor to minimize or prevent scarring. The DermRenu is also given the client to take home as part of the aftercare treatment. EliminInk can be used to remove both professional and home-made tattoos as well as permanent make-up on most areas of the body. The only treatment area that cannot be treated is the eyelid (i.e., eyeliner)

A topical anesthetic to numb the skin prior to treatment is applied if required.

How long does a treatment take?

The treatment is performed by established EliminInk Certified technicians. A treatment takes between 30 -45 min to treat a 2×2 (4 square inch) tattoo area.

Price : $100 per square inch.

How soon will I see the results?

The EliminInk procedure allows you to see the results within a few days. After the treatment, a bandage is applied to the treated area. This bandage must be kept on and kept dry for 48 hrs during which a scab will form over the treated area. Areas of the tattoo may be completely erased with just the first treatment. However, most tattoos require more than one treatment to achieve the desired result. A tattoo can be completely removed in just a few months, compared with the extensive time period it takes to remove tattoos with a laser

For more information please visit the EliminInk website:

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