Monthly Self Care Resolutions

January: Try Registered Massage Therapy! 

Registered Massage is great for both relaxation and healing after a stressful holiday season. A 60-90min session is best for first timers so the therapist has time to fully assess your needs. Check with your work or school to see if you have massage benefits and if they re-set in January. 

February: Spend time with a friend! 

This month tends to have a focus on couples and romance, but it’s also a great time to show friends and family that you love them. Consider booking a couples massage or spa package for yourself and a friend to bond and relax together! 

March: Go through your old skincare! 

As winter fades to spring, this is a great time for a bathroom clean-out! Did you know that makeup and skincare expire? Don’t worry if you didn’t, it’s a shock to many! As these products expire, they can lose their benefits or sometimes even cause harm to your skin or eyes. March is a great time to start going through those bathroom drawers and throwing out anything old or empty.  

April: Try DIY face masks! 

While the kids are painting eggs this month, take two for yourself! Eggs are a great base for DIY face masks. Separate the raw eggs whites and beat until frothy, then apply to your face with a clean makeup brush. The eggs will help close your pores and tighten your skin while removing excess sebum.  

May: Get a pedicure with your mom! 

This is your friendly mothers-day reminder! And trust us, what your mom wants the most this month is to spend more time with you. Try out a side-by-side pedicure for you and your mom so you can both be pampered! We provide relaxing pedicures in jacuzzi-style foot baths with tea or cappuccinos provided. Get this package on a gift card so she can pick a time that works best for her. 

June: Treat yourself to a body scrub! 

June is our favorite month for body scrubs. They clear away the dead skin which can build up and enhance the look of aging or cellulite. Our body scrubs have customizable scents as well like coconut or lime so you can get into the summer mood with a tropical treatment! 

July: Try joyful movement! 

Joyful movement is the concept of moving every day in a way that is good for both your mind and your body. It can be going for a short walk with your partner, or playing at the park with your kids, joining an adult sports program, or just doing yoga while watching tv. Try to do some sort of movement this month every day! No 10 000 steps, or 60min cardio, just something fun and active! 

August: Reset your hair! 

After a summer of pools and beaches, your hair needs to be reset! Book a clarifying treatment to help get rid of any chlorine build-up, followed by a hydration treatment to moisturize that sun-dried hair. This is super inexpensive and super relaxing at the end of a busy summer! 

September: Make a plan! 

Kids are going back to school, maybe you’re going back to work after a vacation. Now is a great time to buy one of those pretty journals you’ve had your eyes on, and write out your weekly schedule for the new season. Book in both working hours, and hours designated for relaxation or quality family time.  

October: Take some time for yourself! 

It’s dark, it’s gross outside. Now is the time to treat yourself. Book a short spa package after work, on a Tuesday. Buy yourself take out on the way home, don’t worry about cooking or cleaning that day. Remember that you’re worth it! 

November: Upgrade your bath-game! 

Self-care baths are so much better when they’re jazzed up. Ask your aesthetician about YonKa bath and body products from France and never turn back! We offer a full range of scrubs and soaks for in the bath and special oils for after the bath with aromatherapy properties that keep you feeling relaxed for hours. 

December: Take the stress out of Christmas! 

Buying gift cards for Christmas is both a great gift option and a gift to yourself! Take the stress out of this season by making your shopping a one-stop experience. There are packages and products for everyone on your list and when in doubt, a gift card is never wrong!