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Over time, age, muscle movement, fat loss, gravity, and sun damage among other factors eventually take their toll and your face loses volume and sags, wrinkles develop and deepen.
Thankfully, science has allowed for the development of products to mitigate these effects and to correct signs of aging that are beyond what skincare products can do. Injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox are now available to produce a remarkably younger-looking face.


Janessa graduated from Conestoga College as a Registered Nurse and went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Over the last 15 years she has spent most of her time in critical care taking care of patients in the ER and ICU. Janessa decided to take her career in a new direction in the Medical Aesthetics Industry and received her certification in Botox and Dermal Filler treatments. She brings with her a broad knowledge base and looking forward to building on it even further with Euro Reflections. Outside of work, Janessa has a passion for travel and enjoys her days off with her husband and their twin boys. Janessa looks forward to meeting new clients as well as seeing her returning ones as she works with them to achieve there aesthetic goals with safety and confidence.

BOTOX $9/unit

Botox can be used for:

  • to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • to treat excessive sweating, migraines, muscular disorders, and leaky bladders

Botox is not the same as a Dermal Filler. Although both procedures involve injections, they are used for different purposes and target different areas of the face. Because they work in different manners, many people elect to get both Botox and dermal fillers in combination for a more effective treatment.

Botox is Botulinum toxin, a natural purified protein that is used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. It is a treatment that has been approved by the FDA. It is a simple, non-surgical treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe lines and wrinkles.ut if you try it and then decide to stop, what happens?

‘There’s this myth that if you stop using Botox, your face will look wrinkly and your features will cascade into a degenerative state you never had’- but in fact, if you stop getting botox treatments, your face returns to its normal animation, and facial muscles return to normal strength (keep in mind that you have aged slightly since you were injected, which may be apparent when it wears off.)

Another fear that people have is that your face will be erased of all expression  ‘Patients say they don’t want to look like they have had too much Botox.’ However, the treatment is not intended to remove every facial expression but rather to temporarily modify or soften expressions so you don’t look angry, sad or tired.

Which facial areas are typically treated?

The most popular areas for Botox are between the eyebrows (the two vertical lines called ‘the elevens‘), hori­zontal lines on the forehead, ‘bunny nose’ wrinkles (at the top of your nose on both sides), and laugh lines at the outer corners of your eyes (crow’s feet)

Does the treatment hurt?

A very fine needle is used for the injections into the muscle. Some patients report minor and temporary discomfort from treatment. You may request localized numbing agents when booking the appointment to ensure comfort.

Is there any downtime?

While there is no real downtime associated with this treatment, it is important to note that you may encounter some slight bruising and swelling immediately after treatment, due to the needle. However, this can easily be masked by makeup.

When does it start to work?

Usually, you will see the effects within three days. The maximum benefit is reached in one to two weeks.

How long does the effect last?

The results you will see from a single treatment will normally be sustained for approximately 3-6 months. You will notice a gradual fading of its effects over time.

Is it right for me?

Clients work with Janessa to develop customized plans and ensure reasonable expectations are met. You can always come in for a free consultation with discuss options, meet the overseeing doctor, and see what Botox/fillers are all about!


Dermal fillers can be used for:

  • Adding volume and smoothing out the deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth (called nasolabial folds or laugh lines) and ‘marionette’ lines (which run from the mouth to chin).
  • Plumping thin lips and smoothing out vertical lines around the edges of the lips.
  • Augmenting cheeks to enhance their shape, often restoring youthful fullness.
  • Filling out depressions (hollows) under the eye area.
  • Reducing indented scars to make them more even with surrounding skin.
  • Increasing volume to fill out gauntness in the lower cheek or temple area, which most often occurs due to fat pads shifting beneath the surface of skin.

Today’s sophisticated fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (or HA), which is a substance that’s found naturally in the body. HA is the skin’s key ingredient in skin hydration, and it creates volume and elasticity. As we age, we stop naturally producing HA. Dermal fillers are designed to reduce visible signs of aging by replacing the diminished HA and filling out the space below wrinkles, fine lines and cheek hollows. The fillers come in various formulations so we can target specific areas and skin types. More viscous (thicker) versions are used to recontour the face, lift and sculpt cheekbones, chin, temples and even the nose. Less viscous formulations are used to plump lips and fill in fine lines and cheek hollows. Dermal fillers are reversible. If you’re unhappy with your results, you can have another injection (an ‘eraser’ called hyaluronidase) administered to remove the product from your body.

How long do the results last?

Results are immediate, with some consideration for minor swelling which can last a few days. The length of results vary person to person. We use only quality products and generally our clients see results for 6-9 months.

What is the recovery time for a procedure?

The fillers we use contain a numbing agent called lidocaine for added comfort, therefore, there may be some numbness following the treatment. There is no significant downtime and you may resume normal activity immediately after treatment. However, you may experience some redness, tenderness, numbness, itching, or bruising at the injection site. This is completely normal and will disappear within a few days.

Following a lip treatment, swelling may last up to a week, sometimes causing an uneven appearance in the day post-treatment. This is not reflective of your “final result” in any way.


Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that affects individuals causing them to sweat more than the body would normally need to maintain optimal body temperature. It affects approximately 950,000 Canadians and can impact their work productivity, confidence, social comfort, emotional well being and wardrobe choices. A special method of Botox injections are often recommended by health care professionals as a solution to Hyperhidrosis on the palms, feet, forehead, and more.


TMJ is cramping in the jaw muscles that cause discomfort and grinding. When injected into facial muscles afflicted with soreness and discomfort, BOTOX® relieves TMJ and jaw tension for many patients. The injections often eliminate headaches resulting from teeth grinding, and, in cases of severe stress, BOTOX® can even minimize lock jaw.

PRP Treatments – Skin MicroNeedling with Your Own Plasma

Skin MicroNeedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is designed to trigger new collagen synthesis in the skin, leading to younger, brighter and healthier-looking skin. As we move the device over your skin, numerous, ultra-fine micro-needles create microscopic punctures on the skin’s surface. The skin plumps and thickens as a natural recovery response to the stimulus, ultimately reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines and other skin texture changes. During this treatment we can use the Platelet Rich Plasma derived from your whole blood cells, to promote the healing process and strengthen the results naturally.

Sclerotherapy COMING SOON!

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