IPL – Photo Rejuvenation

What is IPL Laser?

IPL Laser or Photo Rejuvenation is performed by gently delivering light energy to specific areas through a laser hand-piece.

When treating areas for anti-aging purposes, these areas absorb the light energy and the production of collagen is stimulated. Collagen helps soften the appearance of aging skin. As the collagen forms, the fine lines and wrinkles in the targeted areas are decreased, and the skin achieves a fresh and more youthful look.

When treating areas for broken capillaries (also known as spider veins) light energy is absorbed into the specific area, decreasing the appearance of broken capillaries and the redness associated with them in one step.

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IPL Photo Rejuvenation Benefits:

IPL Photo Rejuvenation Pricing:

The number of sessions needed to reach your goals will depend on many factors. Please book a consultation with your technician for more specific information.

IPL Before and After

Before Your Treatment:

After Your Treatment: