InfaRed Treatments

Infrared face and skin treatment is also an alternative to cosmetic surgery for sagging skin and wrinkles. This new light-based treatment tightens the skin and makes it firm. The treatment employs infrared radiation to modify the skin layers and trigger the desired biological response. It can be done on most parts of the body where firming of the skin is desired for a younger look.

IR Treatments are ideal for:

  • Face and Neck: Skin remodeling, skin tightening and lighting flacid areas of the face, reducing lines and wrinkles and increasing luminosity of skin
  • Full Body: Contouring and remodeling, on the arms, abdomem, buttocks, thighs… etc, tightening areas of loose/lax skin


  • IR Face $200
  • IR Neck $150
  • IR Face & Neck $250
  • IR Body Single Area (abdomen, arms, etc) $250

Packages: save 30% for 8 or more treatments.