Hyaluronic Acid – Is it Worth the Hype?

Hyaluronic Acid – Is it Worth the Hype?

What is it?

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance within the body, used to lubricate the tissues. Research has shown that its properties may be able to improve skin texture, accelerate wound healing and lessen the signs of aging when injected or applied topically. One of the main reasons that Hyaluronic Acid has such a plumping effect is because a single gram of the substance can hold up to 6L of water! This product can now be found in a variety of skin products, including the GM Collin Hyaluronic Filler Serum. 

Is this product right for me?

Since Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in the body, there is a very small chance of reaction or sensitivity, making it a suitable product for most people. Topical versions of the product provide hydration through water retention rather than oil, also making it suitable for dry, combination, or oily skin types. That being said, Hyaluronic Acid mainly addresses signs of aging and is usually recommended for clients over 30 years of age. 

The Bottom Line

Hyaluronic Acid seems to be everywhere lately, but this product is no passing trend. Hyaluronic Acid has been a trusted staple of the Cosmetic industry for years and has undergone countless research studies across the world. It’s a trusted product for aestheticians due to its ability to hydrate the skin, protect from external irritants, minimize fine lines, and give an overall plumping effect—all in one!