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No. of Treatments

Asthma (mostly allergic etiology) 12-14
Asthma (mostly infection-dependant etiology)
FEV1>60% 14-18
FEV1<60% 18-21
Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis
Allergic Rhinitis, Rhinosinusopathy 12-14
Chronic non-obstructive Bronchitis 14-18
Chronic Recurrent Bronchitis 12-14
Smoker’s Lungs 12-14
Acute Upper Airway Viral Infection 5-7
Bronchiectatic Disease 20-25
Mucoviscidosis (Cystic Fibrosis) 20-25
Chronic Rhinitis 12-14
Chronic Pharyngitis 12-14
Tonsillitis (Adenoiditis) 12-14
Chronic Sinusitis 12-14
Acute Sinusitis 5
Atopic Dermatitis, Neuro Dermatitis 12-18
Psoriasis 12-18
Porulent Skin Infections 12-18
Healing of post-surgery Scars 12-18
Multi Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome 12-14
Sick Building Syndrome 12-14
Persons having contact with 12-14
Industrial and Household Pollutants
halotherapy indications

halotherapy indications