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About Our Hair Studio

Our Hair Studio is one of the top in Kitchener Waterloo, and has been nominated within both the Contessa Awards and Readers Choice Awards. A few of our stylists have individually also won awards for their work. Our team of stylists are committed to servicing each and every client with extraordinary customer service and artistry. Our talented staff are experts in hair techniques including deep conditioning treatments, haircuts, highlights, balayage, fashion shades, and up-do’s. Whether you’re looking for an edgy or classic look, straight or curly, long or short style, our stylists are there to create the look that you want! If you’d like to see some of our work, visit our hair gallery page by clicking here.


Women Haircut & Style
Junior Stylist

Salon Stylist

Senior Stylist

from $ 45

from $ 55

from $ 65

Men Haircut & Style
Junior Stylist

Salon Stylist

Senior Stylist

from $ 30

from $ 40

from $ 45

Children (under 10) Haircut & Style
Boys from $ 25
Girls from $ 32


Wash & Style with…

Junior Stylist

Salon Stylist

Senior Stylist

from $ 30

from $ 40

from $ 45

Flat Iron  from $ 35
Event Style

Event Style (with wash)

from $ 40

from $ 60

Partial Up Do from $ 60
Up Do from $ 75
Bridal Up-Do from $ 100
Bridal Up-Do with Trial from $ 180


Partial Foil from $ 100
Full Foil from $ 150
Balayage / Ombre

Partial Balayage / Ombre

from $ 90/hour

from $ 240



Toner/Glaze from $ 60
Colour root touch up from $ 70
Full colour from $ 100
Elumen Play from $ 10 /foil
Colour & Partial Highlights from $ 150
Colour & Full Highlights from $ 200
Elumen from $ 100
Colour correction priced upon consultation.


Regular from $ 100
Spiral from $ 200
Keratin Smoothing from $ 250


Kaaral Intense Repair Provitamin B5 Treatment from $ 25
Olaplex Bonding Treatment from $ 40


Please Note: Price range for Hair Design & Styling varies with the Stylist’s level of experience and client’s individual amount of hair.

About Our Hair Studio Products

Goldwell believes in the art of simplicity as the main principle in hair care. The sophisticated design and natural ingredients combine with perfection, style and beauty. Goldwell hair products strive to set standards for professional hair care throughout the world and has brought about superior product innovations using state-of-the-art technology. Among Goldwell’s superior quality hair products are shampoos, conditioners, color and styling products used by top models and celebrities.

KMS haircare inspires individuality, promises versatility and frees you to express your own unique style. We believe in individuality. We believe in the freedom of style, self-expression and the right to create without limits. We do this through our nine sub-lines that address specific hair needs, for all hair types and textures.

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