Hair Extensions

About Our Hair Extensions:

We use BELLAMI Brand Hair Extensions which are installed with our Hair Extension Specialist. For other hair services we offer, click here.

Our extensions are:

1. Lightweight and Comfortable
These extensions use a tiny bead to attach to your hair. The beads and hair can be reused for up to a year and can be used in even the thinnest hair.

2. Suitable For Thin to Thick Hair
Suitable for thin to thick hair. Ask our specialist which style of extensions is best for you!

3. Reusable & Affordable
Buy it once and reuse it over and over again! Have the hair installed multiple times. These extensions last up to a year, saving you money!

4. Safe & Innovative Technology
The links apply strand by strand extension pieces. This allows your hair to move freely with no stress applied to the hair follicle.

5. Greater Styling Possibilities
Only high quality human hair is used in these extensions, making them look and feel completely natural. You can use your straightener, curling iron and other styling tools like normal. You will find the hair holds its style extremely well even without lots of styling product.

Each new hair install includes:

Choose from six different methods of extensions with over 50 of the most desirable shades in Natural, Balayage, Ombre, Sombre and Rooted.