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Hair Studio – Spa – MediSpa


Skin Care

SkinCare Main, face & body

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Advanced Skin Treatment

advanced-skin-care, face & body

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Hand & Foot

Hand&Foot Main, face & body

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Make-up Application

MakeupMain, face & body

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Body Massage

Body_Treatment, face & body

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Body Treatments

advance-body-treatment, face & body

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WaxingMain, face & body

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For men

For_Men, face & body

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Pamper yourself!

Whether you have an hour or a day, Euro Reflections will create true relaxation and cater to your needs. We offer a wide variety of spa and salon services for men and women to ensure that there is something for everyone. We love making you feel beautiful and rejuvenated. 

Our facilities:

Euro Reflections has eleven spa rooms (including a room exclusively for couples) that are uniquely designed and decorated to create a comfortable cozy environment suited to your liking. Our pedicure/manicure room is equipped with 4 spa pedicure chairs which provide shiatsu massage for the back and hydro massage with light therapy for the feet. In addition to these rooms we also have a salt cave so you can relax while experiencing the healing benefits of halotherapy. We guarantee that you’ll find your visit to be peaceful, serene, and just what you need.