Eyeliner Gallery

Our Eyeliner Gallery features some of the Permanent Makeup Eyeliner work our technicians have done recently. As you can see there are many different types of PMU (Permanent Makeup) Eyeliner styles to suit your preference. We offer soft lash enhancement, eye shadow looks, classic eyeliner or bold eyeliner. The photos below were taken directly before and after treatment, therefore there is still some redness present. Please note that this redness would dissipate over 24 hours. If you would like to see more of our recent work, you can check our our technician Tania’s Instagram.

What is PMU Eyeliner?

PMU Eyeliner is a type of superficial tattooing that lasts on average 3-5 years before needing a touch-up, although it often lasts much longer than that. For this type of procedure there is a consultation process directly prior, when you and your technician can choose the style, ink color, and boldness that suits your preferences and facial features. You can choose between top liner, bottom liner, or both top and bottom liner. Although the most common shade chosen is black, we can customize the color of your tattoo to purple, blue, or green. These shades are particularly nice for the eye shadow style of tattooing.

What Are my Style Options?