Euro Reflection’s Guide to Hair Removal

Have you ever wondered “what type of hair removal is right for me?” Well, you’re defiantly not alone. This is one of the questions we are asked most often in our spa. There is a lot of information available on this topic, so here is your consise list so you can make an informed decision without hours of online searching. Before jumping into methods of hair removal, it’s important to clear up some questions about hair growth. Hair can grow anywhere on the body from your arms and legs to your back, stomach, toes, fingers, and breasts. No amount of hair or lack of hair is abnormal or worthy of being ashamed of. Hair can change too as your life changes, for example many women get new patches of hair during pregnancy. We work with all types of clients on all kinds of hair removal journeys including those looking to remove unwanted hair while in gender-affirming processes. Euro Reflections is your one stop shop for hair removal in a safe and welcoming environment! 


Although we don’t offer this as a service at our spa, it’s still good to quickly cover the pros and cons of this tried-and-true practice. Shaving, as you likely know, is the practice of running a bladed implement along the skin to cut the hair close to the opening of the pore. It is quick and easy and suitable for a wider array of ages than some other methods. This method can be used on the face, body, or sensitive areas (with great care). The best ways to up your shaving game are: 


Waxing is one of our favourite methods for hair removal. It’s inexpensive, quick, and lasts longer than shaving. If you’re someone who can see little black or red bumps right after shaving, it may be because your skin is fair and your hair is dark, so you can still see the bulb under the skin. With waxing, this is no longer a problem as the entire bulb is removed. Waxing is suitable for the face, body, and it’s great for sensitive areas like the bikini line. This process softens the hair over time and makes it grow in sparser which can be good for longevity and people who are prone to ingrown hairs. We make waxing better for you are by:  

Laser Hair Removal 

This is the most common type of hair removal we offer and it’s one of our specialties. Laser hair removal is the method of using light-based energy to destroy the hair under the skin and prevent new hair growth. It is considered semi-permanent because although it may completely damage some hair follicles and prevent future growth, hormones can cause new hair to grow which has not yet been treated. Usually our clients see 70-90% reduction after a single package of sessions. The best part of laser hair removal is that it makes the hair grow sparser and finer after each session and drastically lowers the likelihood of ingrown hairs or bumps. This method is suitable for face, body, and sensitive areas, however due to the way the laser works, it is not suitable for darker complexions. Laser is a great options for: 


This method is like laser as it is a more permanent method of removing hair, however it is only suitable for small patches of hair such as ears, sideburns, chin, upper-lip, or areolas. This is because electrolysis is more time-consuming and slightly more uncomfortable than laser hair removal. The technician only removes a single hair at a time rather than a patch of hair. That being said, it is extremely effective in these small areas and is especially good at combating hair from hormonal imbalances like PCOS. Our favorite things about electrolysis are: 


Dermaplaning is the process of using a surgical-grade scalpel to remove hair/peach fuzz, debris and dead skin cells from the face. This exposes the new skin cells underneath, resulting in a smooth, fresh-looking face. It also helps improve the penetration of skincare products. The procedure is a popular non-invasive treatment choice as it leaves a fresh glow to the face, making it the perfect way to prepare for a big event. We only offer this treatment for the face at this time. Our favorite things about dermaplaning are: 

Letting It Grow 

The final method we want to talk about is letting it grow! We are a body-positive spa and support anyone’s decision to grow their hair, whether it’s all the time or just for a period like the winter or during pregnancy. Be sure to still exfoliate and moisturize the area to keep the hair growing happily and to avoid dry skin in particularly hairy areas.