Body Treatments

We offer a wide variety of body treatments for relaxation or cosmetic enhancement such as body polishes, wraps, cellulite treatments and spray tans. Experience deep relaxation while improving your skin texture with our Custom Body Wraps and Body Polishes. Alternatively, try a deep skin treatment for your body such as Body Microdermabrasion or a Back Facial. If you’re looking for body massage options, please click here! 



Body Polish
Your body deserves the best care possible to remain young and firm. This treatment consists of a thorough exfoliation that leaves your skin soft and satin-smooth. Your choice of detoxifying, energizing, or hydrating treatment.
$90 (60 min)
Custom Body Wraps
This treatment is customized to each individual and offers hydrating, detoxifying and anti-fatigue benefits. Utilizing precisely targeted healing ingredients and essential oils, your silhouette will be reconditioned and reshaped. This treatment also includes a body exfoliation.
$150 (90 min)
Cellulite Treatment
This customized body massage delivers movement to the circulatory and lymphatic system and helps break down the pockets of fat that can dimple the skin and cause cellulite. Depending on the stage of the cellulite, cupping techniques may also be introduced.
$50 (30 min)
Back Facial
When your back requires some special attention, this treatment is the answer. It includes a warm aromatic compress, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and a gentle extraction. The experience is finished off with a moisturizing lotion application.
$100 (60 min)
Body Microdermabrasion
Experience deep exfoliation on your back, arms or legs with our diamond-head machine, which polishes to reveal radiance.
$120 (60 min)
Ion Detox Foot Bath
Periodically, your body needs to be cleansed in order to eliminate toxins. This process is excellent for increasing your immune system, raising your energy level, and building a resistance to sickness.
$40 (30 minutes)
“Fake Bake” Spray Tan
Our natural tanning solution is professionally applied in about 5-10 minutes for a full body tan. You will see an immediate natural looking tan that will continue to develop over the next several hours. The tan will last up to 10 days depending on your skin type. Our Spray Tan leaves you with a bronze natural looking tan without that artificial orange color or streaking.

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